Alice Pons’ Spring Summer 2020 collection is defined by sophisticated designs and bold colors expressed in classic silks. The foundation of this collection are the stunning corsets, which reimagine heritage designs to breath life into an iconic clothing piece. 

Alice's spent her childhood in Italy, immersed in the art and rich history of her home town of Milan. This fascination in artistic expression is the underlying inspiration for all of Alice's work. Her collections aim to take concepts entrenched in tradition and antiquity and drag them forcefully into the modern era through bold and innovative design.

Examples of this can be found throughout her collection; the bright colors inspired by the gothic rose windows and mosaics found in her local church while the shape of the corsets take inspiration from 18th century portraits. 

These threads of the past are woven together to powerful effect in Alice's debut collection. Her corsets are worn by the influential innovators and creatives today, just as they were worn by those of status and power in the past.

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Womenswear fashion designer

Alice Pons is an Italian womenswear designer based in her home town of Milan. She graduated top of her class from London College of Fashion and has since launched her own brand focusing on bringing boldly designed corsets to the modern woman. Despite only graduating last year, she has already seen her collections featured in numerous publications such as Vogue and I-D and has exhibited her collections across the world including London, China, South-Korea and Milan. Her early success has caught the eye of high profile stars such as Sophie Hermann, Jorja Smith, and the members of Little Mix, who have all worn Alice's corsets.